About Halton Food for Thought

Our Goal at Halton Food for Thought is to promote the connection between healthy food choices and improved learning through the provision of breakfast, lunch or snacks at school or community-based sites. Our programs are unique, reflecting the school environment, from full breakfast programs to front hallway grab and go stations, in-class snack programs or provision of emergency lunches for students who arrive at school without food.

Our program works collaboratively to ensure no child or youth in Halton goes hungry.

Students arriving at school hungry do not perform well in the classroom. They have more difficulty concentrating, display behavioural problems, are less alert and are often lethargic.

Most sadly is that hungry kids lack the natural enthusiasm and curiosity that is part of the magic of childhood.

Working families, lack of funds for food or simply a child’s lack of interest in eating breakfast are some of the reasons children come to school hungry.

Did you know that in Halton 11% of 5 year olds come to school hungry, by age 12 this trend increases to 35% and by age 15 a startling 53% of students come to school without breakfast.(Our Kids Network, report card 2008)

HFFT currently runs 140 nutrition programs at 100 sites involving more than 1,090 volunteers that impacts more than 16,000 students. In 2010/11 school year we served more than two million meals!

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Mailing Address for the Agency: 2313 Greenbank Trail, Burlington, ON L7P 3S7